Jack Brandon’s War by Brian C. Merritt


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Jack Brandon’s War is a fictional mémoire of two generations’ struggle to survive the Second World War and to come to grips with the war’s impact on their lives. JACK BRANDON’S WAR follows the parallel stories of Jack, an eight-year-old boy growing up in the small industrial town of Birkenhead, England during the Second World War and his father Tom, a ship’s engineer in Britain’s Merchant Navy. Both face terrible loss. Both grapple with mental and physical trauma and both find themselves fighting the war on fronts that are seldom explored in literature. Tom is away at sea when war descends on his family, residents of urban England. In fact, Tom returns home oblivious to the tragedy that struck is family only days before his ship, the merchant vessel S.S. Griffon, reached port. There’s a lot of work to be done, bodies, souls, and families to be mended before Tom is, once again, called to duty aboard the Griffon. When separated again both Tom and his son Jack are confronted by the war. Their struggles threaten to keep them apart forever, their only hope for survival and reunion lies in the kindness of their neighbours and the spirit inside them.


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