Dead and Buried: Seven Tales from Eternal Gardens by Timothy A. Newman


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Welcome to Gardenview….

Dead and Buried takes its reader down seven different roads following seven different stories set in the same small-town in Ontario.  All of the stories are connected by a single eery thread.

A teenaged bully dares himself to enter a haunted house, where he comes face to face with his own mortality, among other things.  A two-hundred year old hanging tree with a long and notorius history for the people and animals that have, and will, swing from its branches.  A murder-suicide in which the evidence is not what it appears to be.  A sixteen year old young man who, at no fault of his own, becomes a judge, jury, and executioner.  An affluent neighbourhood where monsters lurk in the deceivingly quiet streets.  From blood on the tracks, to death in the street, a homeless man with a troubled mind wanders through a rural community stunned by the murder of their children.  Finally, a traveling salesman, with a green thumb, wanders into Gardenview in the early part of the twentieth century reluctantly spends the rest of his life here.


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