Samantha McTaggart & the Fellowship of Travellers, Vol. 2: Chameleon’s Crystal by D.J. Murphy


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Sam is back and she’s more determined than ever to rescue her father.  An obscure clue left to her by her fallen mentor convinces Samantha that she’s not alone on the hunt to find her father, James McTaggart.  That can mean only one thing: Sam’s dad is in more danger than ever before. Unfortunately, before Sam can follow the enigmatic clue on a journey into the past, she must complete the Browner’s final task and graduate to the third rank among The Fellowship of Travellers, the rank of Chameleon. Lured into the roaring twenties on the eve of a deadly tornado, Sam encounters a mysterious man who not only seems bent on Sam’s destruction, he seems to be stalking her.  The man, it turns out, is the infamous Chameleon, a rogue time traveller reputed for his ability to blend into any culture in any historical period.  The Chameleon is there when Sam returns to her home in Dovercrest, he’s there when Sam meets the ruthless Emperor Chin Shih Huang of China, and The Chameleon is there in ancient Arabia when Sam meets Farah, a Bedouin girl with the gift of prophecy. It’s an ancient mystery and a race through time.  Driven by her love and longing for her father, Sam won’t rest until she finds her dad and possess the Chameleon’s Crystal.


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