Tears of Joy: A Sequel to Two Tears by Rita Smith


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Tears of Joy continues Fiona’s journey through life after returning home from the cruise where she bonded with June.  They swore to keep in touch, but oftentimes that never happens.

Now that Fiona is back home and feeling better about herself and her life without Bob, she still struggles with the decision to tell their children about Bob’s deathbed confession.  Adding to this dilemma, is yet another secret she discovered while clearing out Bob’s possessions.  When will it end?  What to do?  Should she tell the children now or bare the burden alone forever?

Amongst all this news is word from June that she’s planning a trip to Canada.  Fiona is over the moon, but the excitement is short lived.  Fiona is devastated when, out of the blue, June cancels her visit and cuts off all contact with her former travel companion.  Eventually, sanity prevails when June changes her mind again, rebooks her trip, and sets her mind to clear things up with Fiona.

What unfolds is a story of two strangers discovering how similar their lives are, how they both loved and lost, how they were both fooled by the same man and how they ended up becoming best friends, a friendship so beautiful it would last forever.

Details of June’s visit to Canada and Fiona’s subsequent trip back to Glasgow for the first time capture the beauty of both countries while their friendship continues to grow during their travel throughout Scotland and Canada.  Tears of Joy is a heartwarming continuation of Fiona’s story of strength in a life full of ups and downs, friendship, love, loss, family and steadfast determination to cope with it all.


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